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Press Release Relaxation

Certified Organic Ear Candles


Harmony Cone
7421 Douglas Blvd #410
Douglasville, GA 30135
(877) 570-4484 (404) 401-5422

Relax into Natural Hygiene with the only
Certified Organic Cotton Ear Candles

Harmony Cone Ear Candles are a synergistic approach to relaxation as more often than not, our sense of well-being is unbalanced. Worldwide, people seek peace, relaxation and a moment of happiness to balance the opposing rigors and stress of everyday life. People desire and need a feeling of peace, tranquility and a sense of personal well-being. Harmony Cone Ear Candles are an integral part of this wellbeing. 

More importantly though is the sustainability of the natural holistic products that consumers chose to use every day. In addition, Harmony Cone Ear Candles are the ONLY Ear Candles to use Certified Organic Cotton. 

Harmony Cone Ear Candles are the first to use Certified Organic Cotton, due to proudly partnering with Appachi Eco-Logic Project.

Who is Appachi Cotton?

Harmony’s Candles chose Appachi Cotton for its earnest commitment to Organic Cotton, while restoring balance within a Man – Animal conflict zone. Appachi implements its Eco-Logic project in Kabini Reservoir region, which is a part of the UNESCO recognized world heritage site. 

Appachi’s mission is to make this eco-sensitive region GMO Free, so that there is no contamination not only to the flora and fauna of the forest but also the health of the human population dwelling in its vicinity. Appachi’s work is a holistic approach to bring sustainable and inclusive development to the textile value chain.

Harmony’s Candle, by teaming up with Appachi Eco Logic Project, is helping the small holders of the project harmoniously co-exist with their eco-sensitive surroundings, therefore bringing a perfect balance between a heritage occupation and the modern world.

 Doc Harmony knew that this was the only choice to make when handcrafting a holistic natural hygiene product. Harmony’s Ear Candles are protecting the future by partnering with Appachi Cotton, due to helping Mother Earth and future generations maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Doc Harmony and the families who handcraft the only Certified Organic Cotton Ear Candles in the world are proud to provide a sustainable product. From our families to yours – Wellness Naturally!

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