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  • Certified Organic

    Handcrafted from certified organic cloth from our partner Appachi Eco Logic®

  • Safety First

    The only candle with a US patented safety tip (#D592,748) for your protection.

  • Finest Quality

    We use high quality materials to make the safest, cleanest burning candles.

  • Integrity & Values

    Unparalleled research. Carbon Neutral Footprint. Handcrafted in the USA!


Welcome to Harmony’s Ear Candles!

Harmony’s Ear Candles is well known for producing the only Certified Organic Ear Candle in the world. Through years of research Doc Harmony has been able to create the safest and most efficient candle, as well find out about the truth behind ear candling. Here you will find helpful tips, links, and other information about ear candles, in addition you may find why Harmony’s Ear Candles is the best choice.

As well, see the difference in our craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and caring customer service. Without a doubt we are your choice for premium candles. In brief, we are the only choice that guarantees high quality AND low cost!

Ear candling was passed down through generations all over the world, due to it’s easy and relaxing nature! Relax away from stress… NATURALLY!

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Harmony Cone Ear Candle® Products


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Meet Doc Harmony, PhD


Founder of Harmony’s Ear Candles (est. 1990), Doc Harmony published the first dissertation authenticating the efficacy, safety, and history of Ear Candles. A graduate of Georgia State University & Clayton College of Natural Health with a Doctorate of Philosophy of Natural Health, Harmony is a popular and globally respected leader in the Natural Health Industry.

Doc Harmony is a sought after speaker and authority on not just candles, but all things wellness. With this in mind, it’s not unusual to find her at your local health food store where she meets guests in person. In order to spread her knowledge on candles she will personally answers your questions about holistic and natural remedies.

To learn more about who Doc Harmony is and what she does,  CLICK HERE.
Learn more about Harmony's Candles® and how our candles beat the competition. Harmonys Candles is made with all-natural ingredients such as 100% certified organic cotton. Made with safety in mind, Harmony's Ear Candles® is your choice for safety with our patented safety tip, burn line label and no drip wax. Each candle is handcrafted leaving a zero carbon footprint.