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Magnesium Products

elektra magnesium cream

Elektra Magnesium Products – Magnesium Cream

Elektra Magnesium Cream is an opportunity for the body to absorb magnesium via the skin. Just as the body absorbs vitamin D3, also magnesium is able to be absorbed through the epidermis. Magnesium can be absorbed through the skin via Magnesium Flakes, Magnesium Cream Moisturizer or Magnesium Oil Spritz. The body will absorb as much as it needs to achieve homeostasis. When saturation is reached the body stops absorbing at that time. Magnesium is constantly used in the tissue cells (skin, muscle, bone, hair, etc) and needs to be replenished on a daily basis.

Elektra Magnesium Cream made of….

Elektra Magnesium Cream acts as a hydrating skin conditioner, whilst also providing magnesium and other trace minerals. A blend of plant oils such as wild harvested African shea butter, macadamia nut oil, almond seed oil, apricot kernel oil and others make up Elektra’s Magnesium Cream. Fragrance can be added using essential oils. One all-over application (13g = one dessertspoon) gives 300mg of elemental magnesium ions.

How often should one use it?

Every individual is different with differing needs. You can relax and recover with Elektra Magnesium Cream once or twice a day all over your body as a moisturizer or with massage, or you can combine with magnesium flakes footsoaking or spraying Magnesium Oil Spritz on the body. Your body will give you feedback, so you will feel the difference when you get enough.

Application: Elektra Magnesium Cream works to hydrate, condition and rejuvenate the skin. It takes a few minutes to rub in this rich cream packed with nutrients, in addition about 10-20 minutes to be fully absorbed inside the epidermis, leaving a smooth finish and healthy glow to the skin. Avoid eye area or broken skin, as it can sting. If you feel a tingling sensation, this is normal.

Go to our online order page to find out where you can buy the magnesium cream and all of the products made by Elektra Magnesium. Harmony Cone is the exclusive distributor of Elektra Magnesium in the USA. Call us to set up a wholesale account or to find a store near you: 877-570-4484.